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Connecting people with sky


The event took place in Cromarty, a former fishing village on the east coast of Scotland, now a thriving tourist spot and overlooked by the lights of oil rigs. The event was designed to focus and quieten the mind and body, by offering a unique encounter that unified and connected the community to the common land of home, through the act of gazing deeply at the night sky. One evening in late October, an abandoned fishing boat was placed near the beach, a fire was lit, chairs and blankets laid out. Local attendees were greeted with tastes designed to welcome and enhance sensory memory such as whiskey, herbal teas, and mints. A fishing net was converted into a hammock that hung below the rim of the boat. The boat was climbed into by a small ladder and a participant could spend some time alone, lying in the hammock watching the night sky, whilst others waited around the fire for their turn.

House and Universe

"When the peaks of our sky come together

My house will have a roof."

Gaston Bachelard The Poetics of Space

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